Don’t like wearing neckties, but my collar tends to droop below my jacket collar. Not a classy look.

The solution: Wurkin’ Stiffs. Wurkin’s Stiffs are metal collar stays with powerful little magnets to hold your collar in place. They work great.

The Wurkin Stiffs product has evolved over the years. Originally the magnets were fairly large (bottom of photo below). Worse, the chrome finish tended to chip off. I don’t wear undershirts (too hot) so the magnets tend to hit me on the thin-skin area of the collarbone. An experience more irritating than the first round of American Idol.

Next the magnets got smaller and the finish was better quality (middle of photo).

Because the magnets are so small and powerful, thy tend to stick to everything, so I lose them pretty regularly.

I recently ordered some new magnets (top of photo). The set of three came with rubber covers over the magnets in white (for white and light-colored shirts), light blue and black (for dark shirts).