I am a firm anti-ranter, but I decided to make an exception.

Friends of ours have a time share in Florence, Italy and they invited Miss Karen and I to join them on their annual trip this fall.

Because I am thrifty, I used our Chase Ultimate Rewards miles to buy two tickets. The timing was perfect. We were to leave Newark and layover in Amsterdam before our final hop to Florence. We had two seats together in every flight. Awesome.

I didn’t immediately realize that the “KLM” flight was really Delta Airlines. I should have seen it coming.

So I got an email from our good friends at Delta. We are now flying from Newark west to DETROIT. And then we get treated to another layover in PARIS before flying to Amsterdam before flying to Florence.

Any experienced flyer would agree that making all of these flights and arriving on time in Florence is a long shot. Not to mention a really long day.

Political analyst Ann Coulter recently had a Twitter flap with Delta Airlines. Ms Coulter took some heat, but I can assure you, good reader, that Delta Airlines indeed sucks.