We purchased a new washer and a new dryer several months ago.

The washer has a setting called Fan Fresh. When the wash cycle finishes, the machine breathes in fresh air and occasionally tumbles the clothes to keep wrinkles at bay. The Fan Fresh cycle lasts up to 12 hours.

When we wash a load of synthetics (gym clothes, golf shirts and a variety of unmentionables) and leave the Fan Fresh cycle to run overnight, these items come out of the washer almost completely dry. We hang dry these items, so this process is abbreviated.

It seems to me that the major appliance manufacturers have the technology to create a true combination washer/dryer. This little beauty would take up less space and would finish a load is less time because there would be no delay between the end of the wash and the beginning of the drying cycle. What they now call “combination” washer/dryers are just smaller stacked units, still performing different tasks.

Front loading washers also have a standing water stink problem, which would be eliminated if warm or hot air is circulated through the machine during a drying cycle.

So why not make such an item? I think there are two reasons: (1) the technology is “sticky” and deeply ingrained in people’s minds and (2) it is probably more profitable to sell two $1,300 machines than one $2,000 machine. Plus they can’t sell the anti-stink powder.

You can buy the anti-stink powder if you want. Or you can leave the washer door cracked.

Your call.