I met a man of the cloth at a party. I was struck by the man’s charisma, his charm, his wit and his aura of grace. This man gave me courage and hope: if this is what Catholicism as all about, I am proud to be part of it!

His name was Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Mrs. G. met a well-known politician in the lobby of the Loews hotel in New York. The man was charming and attentive. Mrs. G. want didn’t to take much of his time because she was not a resident of this great man’s home state, but he demurred and joked that he needed friends everywhere. Mrs. G. was quite smitten.

I don’t know which side of the political aisle you hail from, but the old saw, “With friends like this, who needs enemies?” seems to have been written for Senator John McCain. I know he was a war hero, but in the past several years he made it his business to throw the leadership of his own party under the bus whenever he got the opportunity. Democrats in leadership have the same problem with some of their “colleagues.” No one likes a grandstander or an opportunist.

These men were heroes to us. To say we are disappointed would be a wild understatement. There are, apparently, no heroes among us anymore, at least not of the flesh-and-blood variety.

 I guess that leaves it up to us.

We will have to be heroes.