Gagliano & Company provides real estate appraisals for individuals, institutions, corporations and governmental entities. The purpose of these appraisals is wide-ranging and include financing, estate planning and settlement, acquisition and disposition, divorces, partnership disputes, bankruptcy, buy-sell agreements, title disputes, insurance claims, damage claims, tidelands claims, tax appeal, eminent domain (condemnation), farm preservation easements, historic façade easements and financial reporting. We also appraise new construction projects based on plans and specifications.

We specialize in complex appraisal assignments and litigation matters and we pride ourselves on our high quality, diligently prepared and thoroughly readable appraisal reports and in the timely delivery of our work.

Some of our other valuation services include:

Expert Witness

We provide expert witness services for all types of litigation, including eminent domain, real estate tax, contract, partnership and family disputes.

Appraisal Reviews

We perform desktop or field review appraisals for lenders, individuals and institutional clients.

Forensic Appraisals

Forensic appraisals value property back in time. These types of appraisals are often required for contaminated properties, estates and litigation.

Market Rent Analysis

Often lease contracts call for rent to reset to market at lease expiration. We work with property owners and tenants to establish market rent for new or renewing leases. We also work with owners and managers of subsidized housing to estimate market rent for HUD rent increase applications.

Cost Analysis

Cost analysis is often required for insurance purposes and can be used as an audit of proposed increases in coverage by insurance carriers. Cost analysis can also be used to accelerate depreciation for tax purposes.

Fairness Opinions

When an offer to purchase real estate has been received, we work with the potential sellers to determine the fairness of the proposed deal.

Cash Flow Projections

With our knowledge of markets trends and market rents, we can develop cash flow projections to aid in planning and to demonstrate future profitability.