Since starting my own business in July 2001, just weeks before the world changed in September 2001, there have been no shortage of, um, challenges. 9/11 itself was one of the first.

There has always been some problem, some obstacle.

This Gloomy Gus really summed it up for me:

“There are no pleasant surprises when you are in business for yourself. You are not likely to get a check for something you did not bill for. More likely, the surprise is that you don’t get paid at all.” – Robert Gagliano, MAI, CRE

When I get like this I have to catch myself, to step back from this nihilistic precipice. To look differently at the light refracting in the facets of the gem.

These challenges serve to anneal me, to make me stronger and more resilient, like heat applied to forge a fine blade.

Humiliation sears pride, the deadliest of all sins, out of my soul.

Difficulties make me empathetic, patient and forgiving towards others.

Problems make me better.

I just need the right light to see it.