There is a divide, nay, a gaping chasm between free and $1.00.

Does $1.00 mean that much? Not really, if a gallon of milk is $1.00 more this week than it was last week I doubt any of us would give it a thought.

But paying $1.00 online requires time and effort. You have to go get your wallet and enter your name and address and card number.

But it is even harder than that, the cost feels higher because there is an emotional cost.

At some level there is fear. Once you enter your personal information you are at the mercy of someone else. You are in “the system.” You are vulnerable. You can be taken advantage of.

And you feel silly, because, after all, you are only charging $1.00 to your debit or credit card. A $1.00 charge looks dumb on your statement. $10 or $20 feels less silly, maybe even more reputable.

Think about it – a cost 10 to 20 times higher can feel better, safer.

Cost makes a statement, and your services are valuable.

Charge accordingly.