I have been keeping up with tech news lately and it occurred to me that there is a whole new language that many of us over 40 really don’t understand. So in the interest of bringing the generations together, I have developed the following lexicon of tech buzzwords for easy reference:

New Word: Consume Content

Old Word: Read; Watch; Listen

New Word: BitCoin

Old Word: Monopoly Money

New Word: Gamer

Old Word: Unemployed young man

New Word: Curate

Old Word: Organize

New Word: Lifehack

Old Word: Timesaver

New Word: Pinterest

Old Word: Bulletin Board

New Word: Facebook

Old Word: Family Vacation Slideshow

New Word: Retina Display

Old Word: Really clear picture

New Word: Nano

Old Word: Very, very small

New Word: Killer App

Old Word: Popular Product

New Word: Patent Troll

Old Word: Parasite

New Word: Tweet

Old Word: Babble

New Word: Crowdsourcing

Old Word: Asking friends for help

New Word: Crowdfunding

Old Word: Panhandling

New Word: Vine

Old Word: No idea. I will have to get back to you on this one.

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