As you know, The Ol’ Prophet is keen on technology and productivity. Here are some recommendations that may help you get more connected and efficient:


This little gem of a Task Manager is worth its weight in gold. ToDoist works on all platforms: Apple iOS (there are iPhone and iPad apps), Android, Google Chrome, Chromebook, Microsoft Outlook and online via the web. ToDoist is sharable and syncs instantly with everyone on your designated “team”. I created a “Work” project that everyone at Gagliano & Company can read and edit. I also have a an unshared “Personal” project because no one else has to know that I need to pick up more Grecian Formula. Oops, I mean hair gel.


Dashlane is a totally secure password keeper. It makes online log ins simple and easy because you only have to remember one password.  There are other password keepers on the market, but I have found that Dashlane works best over a variety of platforms. I used to use Roboform, but its Apple iOS app was buggy and just didn’t work very well. Dashlane will not only keep your passwords and log you in automatically, it will create uncrackable passwords and recommend that you change password that are too weak. Like P-A-S-S-W-O-R-D or 1-2-3-4.


Feedly is a great news feed service that works on all platforms. Pick the publications and blogs you want to follow and Feedly does the rest. A great way to get all the news you want in seconds.


Audible is an audiobook service created by Amazon that works on all platforms. A great way to “read” books when your mind is free but your hands are not: driving, working out, doing household chores, in meetings and on conference calls (admit it – you are not listening!). Here are some of my favorite book selections:


Penzu is a secure journaling app that, again, works well on all platforms. You can create and name any number of separate journals. I have a Personal journal for daily scribblings, a Lists journal, for, you know, listing stuff, and a Fiction journal I use when just feel like making something up. Which is, arguably, all the time. Penzu also has writing reminders, smart search across journals and military-grade encryption in case you are up to no good. Or you don’t want your kids to see what you’ve been up to.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is an app for the iPhone and iPad that gives hyper local and hyper accurate weather information. Dark Sky would have been a godsend for Bishop Pickering.

– Bob Gagliano

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