I am on the Superprimo plan on Audible, so I am always pleasantly surprised that I some credits for “free” audio books waiting for me when I log in. On a lark, I downloaded The Magic Question: How To Get What You Want in Half the Time by Bart A. Baggett.

The concept of affirmation has been around for years. You repeat a positive outcome statement and your subconscious will lead you towards your goal. I can only imagine that Annette Bening’s creepy and obsessive “I will sell this house” affirmation in American Beauty brought the affirmation trend to a screeching halt.

The premise of The Magic Question is this: ask yourself an empowering question and let your subconscious seek out the answer for you.

Did you ever remember a name or word, unbidden, days after you blanked on it? That’s because you asked you subconscious for the answer, and it came. Eventually, anyway. Whether you are awake or asleep, your subconscious is always at work, helping you find answers the answers you seek. Even more, if you think the answers are only A or B, your subconscious will help you creatively find answers C, D, E, and so on.

So what if you employed your subconscious to help more purposefully? What if you ask a question that helps you attain a specific goal?

Some examples: How can get more love in my life? How can I double my income this year? What is the best career for me? What foods taste good but have no sugar? Who can I meet that would enhance my spiritual life?

Once you have decided on a question, Baggett makes several recommendations on ways to keep the question before your subconscious until the answer(s) come.

What question would make a better you today?

– Bob Gagliano