In my opinion, if you are a small businessperson there is little difference between personal development and business development. The longer I am in business the more I see how critical creativity and general knowledge are. I am today probably a bigger advocate of a Liberal Arts education than I ever was.

Here are some of the things I do to help me grow:

  • Read newspapers (Local, Wall Street Journal, New York Times)
  • Read Books (at least two per month, one fiction and one non-fiction)
  • Expand Your Vocabulary (there’s an app for that!)
  • Do puzzles (Crosswords help with vocabulary. I avoid video games: a lot of time, little learning. But to each his own)
  • Try new things (one per month – this month – Juggling. Miss Karen hopes I won’t break anything. My natural klutziness puts success in doubt)
  • Try your hand at something creative (writing, painting, cooking)
  • Take a class in something totally new (learn a language, photography, nature).
  • Make better use of your travel time

What are you doing to better yourself today? Let me know!