I was introduced to the concept of spaceflight osteopenia in an episode of the television show, Bones. Spaceflight osteopenia is a condition of bone deterioration caused by prolonged weightlessness.

And this made me think a about the human condition. When we struggle, we complain (all right, I complain). I sit on my pity-pot unable to comprehend why life is not fair. Why is everything so hard.

But we were meant to struggle. It makes us human, and ideally it makes us better humans.

Think about it – even the lack of struggle against gravity makes us sick. And weak.

Struggle, effort, work, exertion, battle, exercise, resolution, perseverance, purpose, striving, tension, discipline, accomplishment, achievement. They all make us better. Stronger. More capable.

To survive we must fight – even if it is just against gravity.