Never before in human history has such creative energy been unleashed. There are billions of people creating every day in tweets, blog posts, photographs, videos, music. There is no questions that a lot of it is drivel. Some of it self-aggrandizing nonsense, mean, base and even cruel. But some of it is terrific. True expression, real art. Take a quick scan through the website Squidoo, where people share their love of art, writing, food, hobbies, travel and anything else you can think of. Or Esty, a website dedicated to handmade, vintage and unique goods. Where else would someone who makes Star Trek cufflinks find buyers?

This blog is an example. I have written and shared thousands of words and ideas that I would never before have expressed. Like the ones I am writing right now. Whew. That got a little heady.

Look at the state of the music business. On the internet there are no auditions, no one gives permission (thank you Seth Godin), no boundaries of cost or time, no purposefully limited access. A musician can write a song, record and edit the song using an app on an iPad, and put it up for sale on Amazon. Or post it on YouTube. This is how Justin Bieber got his start. How he finishes is up to him.

Is it hard to make money this way? You bet, but before the internet a musician would have to be filtered, auditioned, approved, and packaged just to get the opportunity to be heard by a large audience. Those days are gone.

I have to confess that Twitter bothers me. The timeline moves constantly. Someone may have tweeted the secret of life (if you do, please use the hashtag #thesecretoflife so I can find it) and this fabulous insight would be gone in an instant. Great and profound ideas and statements are mingled with Tim Teabo jokes and talk show promotions. I understand that Twitter is intended to be a conversation, I just hope the great and wise will take that less-than-140-character idea, expound on it, and post it in a less ethereal context.

So where is this all going? I am not sure, my prophecy is limited to property. But I know it will be interesting.