Following up on my blog post last week in which I touted the virtues of the dictation software Dragon Naturally Speaking, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the tool that makes the whole thing work: the SAVI W710.
The SAVI W710 by Pantronics is a wireless headset that allows the user to connect to the landline telephone, cell phone and computer with the press of a button. I love using the SAVI to talk on the phone, because I can walk to get a file and type with both hands (not that I am not paying strict attention to the other person on the line!). The cell phone connection is via Bluetooth and the computer connection allows me to dictate to Dragon Naturally Speaking while doing my usual pacing about.
Before the wireless wonder SAVI, my dictating headset was tethered to the computer (I won’t mention how many times I pulled or broke the plug). Now I can wander and talk with my hands all I want.