I was fussing and fuming. Things weren’t going my way. I was even having stress dreams. Frustrated, I was ready to declare myself a loser. With a capital L.

But then I sat back and thought about it. I don’t have control over this thing. There isn’t a single concrete action I could take to make things better. All I could is be patient.

And then I thought some more. On many other things, things in which I have control, I was doing quite well. In my work productivity, in athletics and exercise, in my diet, in my commitment to read inspirational and classic literature, and in my commitment to journal regularly.

The goals I set were being achieved. Better than I thought they would, in fact.

Things will never be perfect. But if you set goals, no matter how small, you can know that you are moving in the right direction.

And if you constantly move in the right direction, you will inevitably put yourself on the path to success.

– Bob Gagliano

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