I am a big fan of LinkedIn. It is a great source for news, business and personal improvement tips, marketing, networking and job seeking. But I can’t help notice that some people just don’t seem to get it. Here are some examples:

  • If you are serious about your business or profession, let me suggest that photos of you playing golf, fishing or on the beach may not put you in the best light. Golf pros, fishing guides and lifeguards can consider themselves exempt from this rule.
  • Unless you are an artist (like poet ee cummings) it looks bad that you can’t capitalize your name properly.
  • Ladies, “sexy” photos and poses call into question exactly what type of services you are offering. I’m just saying.
  • Please be sure to finish your thought. You are Vice President or Owner of what exactly?
  • Why just your last initial? Be bold, post your whole name! CIA agents and those in the witness protection program can consider themselves exempt from this rule.
  • If you declare yourself Retired, who are you anxious to do business with on LinkedIn? A local cardiologist? Walgreens? AARP?
  • If you call yourself a photographer your photo better look awesome.
  • Chief Ideaist is not a real title, even if you did give it to yourself.

You are welcome.

– Bob Gagliano

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