Two of the most basic tenets in football are keep your head on a swivel and keep your feet moving. These are not simply bromides: they apply both to the gridiron and the pressure cooker that is business today.

Keep your head on a swivel reminds us to be situationally aware, constantly scanning the field for trouble or opportunity.

How are we doing? Do any clients need a visit or a phone call? Are we going to meet all the deadlines? If not, what are the most critical deadlines? What other resources do we need? What new work do we want to pursue? How aggressive should we be?

Keep your feet moving prods us to keep pushing until the play is over; to drive forward until the whistle blows.

Do we have everything we need to finish this project? If not, what exactly are we missing? Who can get that for us? How long will it take? What will it cost? What other files can we work on in the interim?