Gagliano & Company is a small business. A boutique firm, if you will. There are only three of us: Miss Sophia, Office Administrator, bookkeeper, preparer of paperwork and utility fielder; Miss Kim, Researcher extraordinaire, datakeeper, spreadsheeter and report ninja; and Yours Truly, the Wearer of the Turban.

As a result, our capacity is limited. We can work hard and aggressively pursue efficiencies, but there is a top end to what we can do physically. Which is why have to be very selective about the work we take on. We have to make sure every project is a “fit”. If the fit is good everybody is happy. And happy clients is what it is all about. But that is another post for another day.

On occasion we get asked to make a proposal on a larger project. It is only after years of hard experience that I have learned to say no, because a little bit of (name your sin) ego or greed, and things can go bad in a hurry.

[Remember, there are only two possible answers to any request for your time, Hell yes, I can’t wait to get started! or No, thank you. Would  you like me to help you find someone who can help you?]

It is so tempting. Future work is assured. The fee is hefty, or at least it looks that way at first.

But the reality is often a bit of a quagmire. Two months in and the end is no where in sight. Profitability leaks like faucet in need of a washer. Stress builds.

Overwhelmed, we sometimes have to pass on profitable work from long time clients, because we simply can’t deliver in a timely basis.

Dirty Harry said it best, “A man’s gotta know his limitations.”

By all means, push your limits. We can all do more than we think we can.

Just don’t hurt yourself. You are going to have to suit up and play again tomorrow.

 – Bob Gagliano

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