I take issue with modern psychology. Sure we want to uncover repressed issues and deal with them, but discussing a problem ad nauseam hardly seems like the path to peace of mind. After all, nothing makes a wound fester like scratching at the scab.

Let’s say you bought a baby cobra (yes, a cobra, stick with me here). You put your cobra in its little terrarium and decorate it with colorful rocks and sand. You make sure it has water and warmth and feed it baby mice regularly. You will end up with a full-grown, healthy, strong and mean cobra. Good for you, I guess.

Let’s say you ignored your cobra. No food, no water, no light. Within weeks you would have a desiccated cobra corpse that would crumble if touched.

Let’s say your cobra is a problem that makes you anxious. Or a resentment. Or a regret. Or a fear.

Do you want to feed it or get rid of it?

I suspect you would want to be rid of it. Good for you.

Ignore your cobra.