Miss Karen and I just got back from Las Vegas, where we celebrated the Golden Anniversary of Karen’s brother’s birth. It was our first time in Sin City and the first time I have traveled by air in a while. Some observations:

  • Whatever charm was at one time associated with air travel has been stuffed in a sack, weighed down with rocks, and thrown into the river.
  • As if air travel was not uncomfortable enough, one’s ears are assaulted by constant, inane and nasal (are they trained to talk that way or is it a symptom of the altitude?) announcements over an overly-loud and distorted P.A. system.
  • In 20 years of flying I have never once turned off my cellphone. Yet I am alive to write this Post today. It is embarrassing that the airlines perpetuate this obvious untruth.
  • Las Vegas is truly a technological and engineering marvel. It is Disney World with hookers.
  • Speaking of hookers, my favorite thing is the trading cards. I picked up a rare Krystal Lee 2011 and Bambi Crave’s rookie card.
  • Most casinos are so huge they have ride-on vacuum cleaners.
  • Many casinos have shopping that rivals the average regional mall. Most of the stores sell clothing, jewelry and the like. I ran across a store that sells rare books. That is one gutsy entrepreneur.
  • The person who invents a cleaning solution that gets the dirty mop smell out of bars will be a billionaire.