Gagliano & Company assists clients in making real estate related decisions by developing strategies and solutions to solve problems, improve current and future profitability, and increase value.

Market Analysis

We provide evaluations of market strength and performance, which are increasingly relied upon in the lending and development environments.  We have developed detailed lease-up and sell-out analyses to help buyers and developers price and time their purchases.

Disposition and Acquisition Strategies

We work with clients to identify assets for disposition and acquisition, develop due diligence packages for potential investors and publicize the offering to ensure maximum exposure and profitability. For buyers, we provide market data and can develop operating pro-formas, including rent, vacancy, expense and value estimates as needed. We are available to discuss cash flow issues, financing alternatives,  investment goals, negotiation techniques and related topics with an aim to providing the client with objective advice and an informed and authoritative negotiation strategy.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence incorporates financial analysis, field reports, and market analysis, which provides the client with a comprehensive understanding of the investment. Clients benefit from our multidisciplinary team approach to problem solving and our ability to analyze large, complex portfolios in short order.

Litigation Strategy & Support

Litigation Support differs from expert testimony in that we assist the client’s counsel in identifying and explaining important issues and review and critique of key documents, reports and testimony.  By extension, we can provide critical rebuttal testimony to strengthen our client’s case.

Damages Analysis & Calculation

We provide expert opinions and expert witness services on a wide range of real estate damages issues such as flood damage, storm damage, lease default, lease mitigation, title disputes, transaction disputes, inverse condemnation, encroachment, easement restrictions, soil problems, market cycles, loss or nondisclosure of property rights, damage impact, property values, environmental hazards and quantification of damages.

Portfolio Valuation

We develop periodic portfolio valuations of properties owned or managed by institutional clients.

Owner Representation

We provide a variety of services to the owners of real estate, including acquisition, development oversight, disposition marketing plans and tenant lease negotiations.

Tenant Representation

We work with tenants of commercial real estate on relocation, expansion, disposition, subleasing and lease renegotiation.

Public-Private Partnerships

We work with governmental, quasi-governmental, nonprofit and religious institutions to create opportunities for both the creation of value and public benefit through strategic partnerships with developers and private real estate operators. We believe that redevelopment is the wave of the future in many areas and that public-private partnerships are the fastest and most cost effective way to create attractive, viable, profitable and tax revenue producing projects.

Acquisition Consulting Services

We work with public entities involved with right-of-way acquisitions through the entire process, or parts of the process as needed. We review the project plan, identify valuation problems, develop a comprehensive appraisal plan, contract with and manage independent appraisers, review the appraisal reports, negotiate with property owners, obtain title searches, assist the attorney with closings, prepare files for condemnation and provide litigation support through the condemnation process.

Feasibility Studies

We analyze the financial feasibility of potential land uses for developers, owners and investors. We also provide advice on development opportunities, optional use and design, and timing and amenities, which can include a lease-by-lease cash flow analysis.

Distressed Asset Workouts

When a special or problem loan situation arises, we help lenders understand current market dynamics, analyze the property and assess the risk. We then review/schedule appraisals, review documents, provide recommendations and assist with workout management functions.

Adaptive Reuse Studies

We work with clients to preserve a building’s structural and historical integrity while updating the building and its interiors for a new use. This strategy has grown in popularity as clients realize the potential financial, cultural and marketing benefits of preserving a piece of architectural history.

Revaluations and Reassessments

Our real estate tax specialty has led us naturally to handle commercial property revaluations and reassessments. Unlike most firms, we provide appraisal reports on each property to significantly enhance the defendability of the assessments going forward. As part of our service, we will provide unlimited access consulting services to Assessors and their staff. Gagliano & Company has performed several commercial revaluations and reassessments in recent years.

Separating Real Property, Personal Property and Business Value

Assets like hotels, nursing homes and convenience stores have components of real estate, personal property and business intangible value. Credibly separating these elements is critical in real estate tax proceedings and in maximizing tax advantages in transfers.

Relocation Consulting

For a variety of reasons there are times when tenants need to be relocated. Gagliano & Company is experienced in working with property owners and tenants to find new accommodations. Critical in this process is the documentation required by governmental agencies. We are proud to say that through Gagliano & Company’s efforts, several former renters now own their own homes.

The cost of the best advice is infinitesimal compared with the amount of money frequently wasted without it.   ~ Dr. Alister MacKenzie