I am a commercial real estate appraiser, but I offer much more than just a point-in-time value and a 100 page report.

So how do I let my clients know that I have a variety of other skills that may be helpful? Here’s something you may want to try:

We send written proposals for many projects. This is a great contact point, so I added some language to our litigation proposals:

At any time requested by the client the Appraiser will (1) review and provide comment on any additional materials provided; (2) prepare a rebuttal report; (3) participate in teleconferences and/or attend meetings and (4) make recommendations regarding case settlement.

After the preparation of the Appraisal Report for Trial the Appraisal will (5) prepare for testimony; (6) assist the attorney in trial preparation; (7) appear in court and (8) testify in court.

More Skills = More Value.

You just have to communicate and educate.