A Little Time Off

Miss Karen and I are taking a little well-deserved R and R to visit some friends who recently bought a second home in Florida. My goal: enjoy it. Enjoy the quiet, enjoy the company, enjoy the scenery. The joke in the appraisal profession is that there is either not enough work (so we are up nights [...]

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Where Is the Modern Coffeehouse Scene?

Where is the modern Algonquin Round Table where artists and thinkers from a variety of disciplines come together to discuss big ideas? Where are the coffeehouses of Vienna where the likes of Jung, Freud, Zweig, Klimt, Loos and Adler would get together and toss about some bon mots? Where are the non-fiction Central Perk, Cheers or [...]

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Yes Ann, Delta Sucks

I am a firm anti-ranter, but I decided to make an exception. Friends of ours have a time share in Florence, Italy and they invited Miss Karen and I to join them on their annual trip this fall. Because I am thrifty, I used our Chase Ultimate Rewards miles to buy two tickets. The timing [...]

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It Is the Story That Matters

Miss Karen and I went on an impromptu pub crawl last evening, exploring parts of the Jersey Shore that we have not visited in some time. The fact that it was early on a Monday night speaks volumes about our thrilling social life. A lot happened in a couple of hours, which I will share with [...]

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Dispatch From Las Vegas

Miss Karen and I just got back from Las Vegas, where we celebrated the Golden Anniversary of Karen's brother's birth. It was our first time in Sin City and the first time I have traveled by air in a while. Some observations: Whatever charm was at one time associated with air travel has been stuffed [...]

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