The Work You Want

After the startupworkgrab, you know, the first months or years when a new business will take any paying work, there has to be a time of self reflection. You now have some data and you need to ask yourself some questions. I suggest that you pose these questions as negatives: What work is the least [...]

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Take Action

Law: one of the best ways to relieve stress is to take action. You will be surprised at how a wildly intimidating project or situation becomes merely a challenge after a few well-placed hammer blows. Jump in with both feet. A couple of hours of focused work can change your world. Corollary to this Law [...]

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A little known fact: simple phrases are the most effective passwords. They tend to be longer and the spaces are a real headache for hackers. So it turns out that I love my dog, shep! is a better password than j7{-sd5+#gs6. Plus it is a lot easier to remember. According to one online source my [...]

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