A Fixer Upper, But Those Views!

It is always refreshing, that moment of clarity. The National Park Service, perennially starved of money, is looking for private partners to help restore some Jersey Shore architectural gems. Sandy Hook, a spit of land in extreme northeastern Monmouth County between the Atlantic Ocean and Sandy Hook Bay, was known as Fort Hancock and served [...]

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What is Section 8?

I was talking to Joanne Dennison, a consultant friend of mine about my business. And I starting using jargon she didn't understand. She is a very smart person, so if my goal is to make real estate simpler and more accessible for people, this is bad, very bad. So we decided that I should create [...]

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Going Up!

The latest trend in New York City - Schools and Libraries in need of renovation are instead offering the land they sit on to developers. The developers bid on the land with the understanding that they can build a high-rise and lease or sell apartment units on the upper floors (consistent with zoning, of course), but the lower floors are to be [...]

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