I’m Just Trying to Help

You may not be familiar with the initials ACC. ACC is Anthropogenic Climate Change, more commonly called Man-Made Global Warming. There are a lot of people who are deeply and sincerely concerned about the effects of ACC, and rightfully so. The stakes are high. Without taking a side, however, it is clear that ACC supporters [...]

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Smile ‘Em to Death

My first full time job after college was with the late, great Ben Danskin. Ben was a long-time Monmouth County politician, and one of his favorite sayings was, "Smile 'em to death." Ben, of course, was talking about real or potential political enemies, inside and outside his party. There is never any shortage of these [...]

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Bound by an Idea

We Americans sometimes take our high level of personal freedom for granted. Only when a story from outside our borders rattles our sensibilities do we even notice how very different we are. Here are some recent examples: A 15-year-old girl in Iceland is suing to use her real name - Blaer - which means "light breeze". [...]

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A Little Flexibility Could Go A Long Way

The concept of eminent domain contains two parts: public purpose and just compensation. Certainly the idea of public purpose has gotten fuzzy lately. In Kelo v. The City of New London apparently viable private property was condemned and turned over to a redeveloper. But most issues of public purpose are much more mundane and settled: the [...]

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It’s Good for What Ails You. Or So We Are Told.

By all accounts medical marijuana is a super important and efficacious drug for the treatment of, well, apparently any ailment, malady, syndrome or condition, including chronic lack of mellowness. If that is so, why isn't this critical cannabis grown, processed and packaged by legitimate pharmaceutical companies and distributed through existing channels, like, say Walgreen's or CVS? Just askin'.

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It’s Just Hysterical

Not wanting to waste a good crisis in the wake of the Boston bombings, legislatures everywhere are pivoting from gun control to pressure cooker, nail and ball bearing control.  

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