Like Sally O’Malley

The great Molly Shannon used to do a character on Saturday Night Live, the sassy Sally O'Malley. Sally was usually auditioning for a dance gig of some sort. She would hike up her bright red stretch pants and declare, "I like to kick, stretch, annnnnnnd kick. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII’m 50! Fifty years old." Like Sally O'Malley, I'm [...]

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Books June 2013

I committed to reading two books every month in 2013, one fiction and one nonfiction. These are June's selections. A friend of mine recently asked if I really do read two books per month. The truth is I that read more than two books, but I have a secret: I don't feel obligated to finish [...]

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Are You a Real Pro?

It is a sad state of affairs in professional services. Many are real pros that use their ingenuity and creativity to serve their clients. Sadly, some professionals fall short. Here are some reasons why: They don't stretch themselves. If they haven't done it before, they don't want to do it. Or even hear about it. The [...]

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Anger Management (Barely)

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. - Buddha For years I had myself convinced that I was a pretty easygoing guy. Live and let live. Hang loose. No worries, Brah.* And I recently realized that I was lying to myself the whole time. No lies are more convincing than the [...]

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Make Your Drive Time More Productive with These Business Podcasts

In a effort to make my drive time more productive I started listening to podcasts. It has worked well, my head stays full of positive thoughts and I have learned a lot. I have had to create ways to safely take notes in the car (more on that sometime soon) but I have a treasure trove [...]

You Gotta Look Sharp

Don't like wearing neckties, but my collar tends to droop below my jacket collar. Not a classy look. The solution: Wurkin' Stiffs. Wurkin's Stiffs are metal collar stays with powerful little magnets to hold your collar in place. They work great. The Wurkin Stiffs product has evolved over the years. Originally the magnets were fairly large [...]

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