There was a boatload of wisdom in Wilson Hall Monday night, words from three true leaders in New Jersey Real Estate at the Monmouth University Kislak School of Real Estate's Stephen B. Siegel Lecture Series. The featured speakers included: Ara K. Hovnanian, CEO and Chairman of Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc., a national homebuilder; Ronald S. Ladell, [...]

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What is Section 8?

I was talking to Joanne Dennison, a consultant friend of mine about my business. And I starting using jargon she didn't understand. She is a very smart person, so if my goal is to make real estate simpler and more accessible for people, this is bad, very bad. So we decided that I should create [...]

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Those Who Do Not Learn from History….

It's no secret that apartments have become the apple of institutional investor's eyes. For good reason - the sector has held up well in the (supposedly over) recession and has continued to provide stable and reliable cash flows. It this point, however, I think we are looking at the beginnings of a bubble. Here is the cash flow from a [...]

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