Drew University last week announced that it was slashing its tuition by 20% from $48,336 this year to $38,668 next year. So what prompted this act of altruism? Economic reality. Drew, like many small private universities, has struggled to maintain enrollment while charging a higher-than-average tuition. So how can Drew increase enrollment and maximize revenue? [...]

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Welcome Home, Millennials!

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Boston Properties Inc. Executive VP Raymond Ritchey pointed out, “...The millennial generation [is] moving out of the cities, forming households, having children, looking for better schools and that's going to drive rate demand in the suburbs.” Want to know how to predict the future? Follow the hype and say the opposite [...]

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McMansions are Back. And They Have Their Place.

Roughly three years after Trulia declared McMansions dead, the New York Times announced that they were back and bigger than ever. I never cared for the term McMansion for two reasons: (1) I really don't understand what it means and (2) the term wreaks of elitist snobbery. After all, why go right for the pejorative? Let's [...]

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The (Echo Boomer) Kids are Alright

In my recent post, Kid Power!, I wrote about the Echo Boomers, the children of the Baby Boomers, now age 18 to 31, and the largest generation in U.S. history. I recently became an Adjunct Professor at Monmouth University where I teach in the Kislak Real Estate Institute with Don Moliver, PhD., MAI, CRE. There are [...]

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Bruce Almighty

In the great film Bruce Almighty, Morgan Freeman's God character says to Jim Carrey's Bruce Nolan, "Bruce, you always made me laugh." The film is, of course, meant for us to rethink our relationship with God. But can we make God laugh? Can we amaze Him with our creativity? Does God take delight in what [...]

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Curing Childhood Afflictions

A recent New York Times article declared Video Games May Aid Children with Dyslexia. This made me consider whether some other nasty childhood illnesses might be corrected by intensive video game therapy: Chronic leanness Muscle Tone Rosy Cheeks Curiosity and its pernicious cousin, wonder. Useful skills Friendship Please be sure to give today. We are so close to a [...]

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