Drew University last week announced that it was slashing its tuition by 20% from $48,336 this year to $38,668 next year. So what prompted this act of altruism? Economic reality. Drew, like many small private universities, has struggled to maintain enrollment while charging a higher-than-average tuition. So how can Drew increase enrollment and maximize revenue? [...]

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The Appraiser Prosperity Coalition is seeking to level the playing field. I think they should just change fields.

I recently received an email request for a donation to the Appraiser Prosperity Coalition. I was not familiar with the organization, but I took some time to read up on who they are and what they are trying to accomplish. What I found was a group of well meaning residential mortgage appraisers fighting their latest [...]

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History Schmistory

It is sometimes astonishing how often human beings fail to learn from history. For example: This Monday's Wall Street Journal featured an article entitled, Dodgy Home Appraisals Are Making a Comeback. The article by Annamaria Andriotis opens, "Home appraisers are inflating the value of some properties they assess, often at the behest of loan officers [...]

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Quietly, a Bubble Forms

Nobody spends a lot of time looking at the market for industrial properties. Probably because they lack glamour, are usually grimy and not terribly visible. But the market for industrial property in Northern New Jersey is heating up, and from what I understand from my friends in the business, we may be looking at a [...]

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The Next Bubble

It is so clear I can no longer keep it to myself. The next bubble about to burst is America's colleges and universities. My evidence? College tuition costs have been rising faster than household income for years, as can be observed in this chart: Courtesy of But why is this happening? One [...]

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