In the great film Bruce Almighty, Morgan Freeman’s God character says to Jim Carrey’s Bruce Nolan, “Bruce, you always made me laugh.”

The film is, of course, meant for us to rethink our relationship with God. But can we make God laugh? Can we amaze Him with our creativity? Does God take delight in what we do, like a parent pleased to watch a child’s first steps?

Axiomatically, God is all-knowing and omnipresent, so He can see everything we do long before we do it. In all likelihood, God sees all things and all time at once. Now I am making my head hurt.

But I believe that the child’s first steps analogy is not far off the mark. I think we can delight God, and we should be doing it every day. In the way we treat  ourselves, our families, our friends and even strangers. There is magic in a loving attitude, in a kind demeanor.

And yes, I think we can delight God in the art we bring to life. Whether it is a seascape watercolor or a blog post, a well-prepared meal or a compliment to the diner waitress, a lawn mowed with a neat cross-hatch or the invention of a new can opener.

So what are you doing today to delight?