Along with my DOTIHNDB commitment I also committed to reading two books every month in 2013, one “business” book and one non-business book. Never one to take commitments lightly, here are my December 2012 choices:

Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander. A fine motivational book, the basic message is this: have a think skin, charge ahead and don’t let anything get in your way.  The book’s message was undermined for me by the great African hunting writer Peter Hathaway Capstick’s unflattering portrait of Rhinos  as “Old Dimwit” in Death in the Long Grass. ★★

This Green Hell by Greig Beck. I downloaded this book at Amazon’s recommendation when I searched for authors, “like Clive Cussler”. This Green Hell is the story of genetically-altered supersoldier Alex Hunter’s mission to rescue a drilling crew (including a former lover) trapped with a 500-year-old alien vampire and a flesh-dissolving disease in the Amazon jungle. Not quite Cussler, but it kept me up reading. ★★★