You only get four, six if you are lucky.

If part of what you sell is creative or problem-solving in nature, you may have noticed that the flow state required is not something you can keep up all day. The reality is that human beings can only sustain this level of deep work for about four hours a day, maybe six hours if you are fully rested.

This is thinking. The hardest work of all. Most people spend their entire lives trying to avoid thinking.

But here you are, thinking on purpose. Making a living with it. Congratulations, you are exceptional.

You may have noticed that this flow state is most readily accessed at a certain time of day. For me it is between waking and noon. Other people are night owls who come alive after dark.

Some people associate a place, a certain desk, a chair, a room, with flow. Objects can facilitate a deep dive. So can music.

Understand that this gift of guided focus, of thinking creatively, of making connections and solving problems, has infinite value. Spend some time figuring what works best for you.

Then protect it, nurture it and guard it jealously.