Austin Kleon is an artist and author of the book Steal Like an Artist that I highly recommend for anyone who has a creative passion that they want to express.

Austin has a weekly email newsletter that I look forward to receiving every Friday morning. This past week he shared a quote that really resonated with me:

I have a very simple rule that serves me well: Don’t think too much about your life after dinnertime. Thinking too much at the end of the day is a recipe for despair. Everything looks better in the light of the morning. Cliché, maybe, but it works.

I am not exactly sure how to do this. In a less deep part of my sleep cycle all sorts of nasties enter my head and start to loop. I say loop because they really play in a loop, the same issues over and over and over and over and over again.

Although this can be frustrating, Austin is absolutely right: no matter how insurmountable a problem feels in darkness, it shrinks to a manageable size by sunrise.