It simply means that I have done my job. My work (and hopefully the work of my adversary) is well researched, accurate and reasonable. There is little to argue about. Minds meet and everyone has a nice lunch.

Trials are often a waste of time. Both sides make their case and the decision ends up somewhere in the middle. As a professional I find this frustrating, but it is the way the human mind often works. Usually a decision somewhere in the middle could have been reached earlier without all the posturing and gotchas and billable hours.

There is often a lot of chest thumping when the discovery is complete and the expert reports are in. But that usually stops the moment all parties sit in a room and the door is closed. The “bad guys” become human, and hardened positions soften.

When cases don’t settle it means that ignorance (someone doesn’t understand the facts) or human frailty (Greed, Wrath, Envy or Pride) is gumming up the works.