As we recover from COVID-19 apace, there is a stubborn habit that many have retained and oddly, it is outdoors, where the risk of infection is probably the lowest.

I like to walk. Perambulate. Saunter. Hike. Stroll. Jaunt. Hoof it. I also like to be friendly. Downright neighborly.

So here is the scene. As I wander the local hill and dale and spy a fellow nature aficionado heading my way, I begin to offer a hearty greeting. To that, this former friend jumps – no – leaps into the street to ensure that the mandatory six feet of social distancing is kept at all times.

And I can’t help but feel, well, in don’t know, insulted?

Do I appear to have symptoms of Ebola? Halitosis? Some virulent form of body odor?  Do they suspect me of being a cheat – a J&J one-jabber?

I can’t say, but it is just another way COVID has harmed our social fabric.

I hope we get well soon.