I have a happy problem. I usually get more calls for work than I can physically handle.

When a call comes in, I listen carefully to the prospective client to make sure that I fully understand their needs. Once I understand the issue, if the project is something we can do we email a Proposal for Services within an hour or two.

But if the project is outside our geographic area or my area of expertise, I am frank: sorry, we are not able to offer a competitive fee or turnaround time. I then offer them the names and contact information of professionals that I trust and think are a good fit for the project.

Yes, I can appraise your marina, but it has been a long time. You really should call this appraiser who values marinas all the time.

Yes, I can appraise your house, but my fee just won’t make sense if you are just trying to decide on an asking price.

But if the county is taking your home by eminent domain…or you represent an insurance company that is defending a broker accused of selling a house too cheap…or your client bought a house that was the scene of a grisly death that was not disclosed by the listing broker…

Lets talk.