Here are some software and web-based services that I find really helpful:


This web-based To Do list software runs beautifully on all platforms: Windows, Apple, Android, even Google Chrome. You can set up an infinite number of To Do lists for your business and personal life, and your ToDoIst  lists can be shared with any number of people, so they can see changing priorities in real-time.

I probably use ToDoIst in the simplest way possible: work projects are shown by due date and priority. I put long-tail projects, like multi-year tax appeals, on ToDoIst without a due date, so they automatically drop to the bottom of the list until there is an actual due date, or I need a file to work on when things get a little slow.


Dashlane is a password manager that generally works well, but I am not going to say it has always worked seamlessly. Here are its good points: (1) it is heavily encrypted, (2) it works on all platforms, (3) it has a great password generator and (4) it can store debit and credit card info to make online purchases simple.

Some negatives: (1) Dashlane does not work well on Apple devices, but I can copy and paste passwords to login as needed, (2) there was a time when the sync function caused my Windows desktop version to freeze, (3) now Dashlane does not seem to want to log off when I tell it to. Any more sinning by Dashlane and I may give LastPass a try.


I downloaded Lookeen as an alternative to Copernic Desktop, which decided that it wanted to spin its flashy logo in the middle of my screen rather than do some actual work.

Lookeen is a Desktop Search program. I use it to search the mapped drive to our server data. Lookeen searches not only file names but within files, including PDF files, and provides a lightning-quick preview of the document.

When I think, “Now I made this point brilliantly before, how did I say it?” I put in a few keywords and voila genius pours forth.

Do you have any great tools that you would like to share? Leave a comment!